Outreach Ministries


There are many Outreach Ministries at St. Athanasius, including:


What good is it if someone says he has faith but does not have good works?  If a sister or brother has nothing to wear and has no food for the day and one of you says ‘Go in peace, keep warm and eat well,’ but you do not give that person the necessities of the body, what good is it?’ So faith, without works, is dead.  Indeed someone might say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’  Show me your faith and I will show the faith the underlies my works!’    (James 3:14-18)

DID YOU EVER RUN OUT OF FOOD & HAVE A HELPLESS FEELING KNOWING THAT IT WOULD BE 2 or 3 DAYS BEFORE YOU WERE PAID TO BUY MORE?  Many of our parishioners respond yes, even here in Bensonhurst.   The St. Vicent DePaul Society Food Pantry assist those who say yes.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry distributes food to all who come to our doors.  All we ask is proof of address by showing us an electric, phone or gas bill with your name and address. Additionally we inquire about the client’s circumstances or those of the family.   Food is collected at the rectory and at the doors of the church. Special holiday food drives at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter provide families with full meals.



As part of their Service Component and commitment to improving the neighborhood in which the troop functions, the Boy Scouts are dedicated to specific services.  Please visit the Parish Societies page to learn about our troop.



Praying Through Grief and Loss

Parishioners are needed to either attend each service, lead intercessions, read scriptures, or offer their time after the service for individual prayer, brief conversation and laying on of hands.  By beginning with prayer, we hope to assist the bereaved in attaining a sense of balance between the grief of loss and the hope of everlasting life.  We ask that you consider responding to Gods call to be part of this ministry here at St. Athanasius as it grows and evolves into a vital part of our parish community.

The Martha and Mary Monthly Bereavement Group

Provides support for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one.  While no topics are chosen for this group, participants initiate discussions.  Parishioners are needed to be part of the Bereavement Team and function as cofacilitators to enable healing.

Information on Bereavement: Please call the Pastoral Ministry Office on extension 44 at the rectory.



At Christmas, gifts for children & families are provided by the parish through our Advent Giving Tree, inspired by Shel Silverstein’s book, The Giving Tree.



St. A’s serves others by providing a hot meal for homeless men and women living under the Belt Parkway and in Coney Island.  A team of parishioners prepare and serve meals.   Those willing to cook and donate meals are always needed.  Clothing is collected, especially in the colder months and during the Winter.  The parish bulletin informs parishioners are needs and where to leave donations. New underwear, cotton socks, sweat pants, thermal undershirts, long johns and blankets are especially in need during the Winter.



Why a Respect Life Ministry?  Over the years, humanity has made terrible mistakes.  People were treated as less than human, even killed because they were a different skin color, a different faith, because they were unknown, unplanned and helpless. But over time, we are slowing learning that we are all God’s children, created in God’s image.  And to disregard the value of human life, whether through hate or indifference is wrong. That all human creation regardless of race, religion, abilities or stage of human life, has an inalienable right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  A right to love and be loved. As Americans, let’s cherish the sanctity of human life, because we know how it feels when others treat us as less than human.”  Life – we respect and protect it!

Some of our outreach projects include a Baby Shower on Mother’s Day for unwed mothers, providing new baby items for new mothers and taking up monetary collections for agencies who provide unwed mothers with the resources to provide for their children.  We do not limit ourselves to only helping mothers and newborns.

In October, Respect Life Month, we sponsor an Expectant Parents Blessing at a Sunday Mass.



Many of our parishioners are unable to leave their homes to shop, to go out for a walk, to come to Church.  While some people are not called to be Eucharistic Ministers, others may provide these parishioners with companionship.  Usually the older shut-in parishioners are without family or friends to assist them with these simple tasks.


For more specific information about our Christian Outreach Ministries, to become more involved in any one, or to be connected with each ministry’s coordinator, please call the Pastoral Ministry Office at extension 24 at the rectory.

Pastoral Ministry Office E-mail: