Baptism is celebrated on Sundays.  The first step in preparing for the Baptism of your child is an interview with one of our parish priests.  Both parents and godparents attend a pre-Baptismal class held on during the week. Please bring the child’s birth certificate to the interview.  Your first step is to call one of the parish priests at the rectory for an interview.


Children who are 7 years and older are prepared through the parish’s Religious Education Program.  Contacting the Director of Religious Education is the first step.  (The Religious Education Office phone: (718) 331-8811)


GODPARENTS must be baptized & confirmed Catholics who receive the Eucharist & live a life of faith. A baptized person, who is not Catholic, may be a Christian witness if the other godparent is Catholic. (Canon Law 872-874)


Any adult (18+) wishing to celebrate Baptism or any adult who has not received First Communion or Confirmation participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. (R.C.I.A.)   A commitment to participation in Sunday Mass and a class after Mass is needed.  Contact the Pastoral Ministry Office at 718.236.0124 Ext. 44.

Our font provides for immersion of infants and adults. The eight-sided shape of our Baptismal Font represents the day of resurrection, traditionally thought of as a day beyond time, the “eighth day” of creation.